Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Weekend!

SONY DSC Tomorrow Mommy, Daddy and I are going to go to the Santa parade!  I am excited since it will be my first time.  I’m not sure how well the pictures will turn out since it will be starting to get dark by the time the parade starts. 

Mommy’s class is not quite what she expected.  She thought it would be some fun editing of pictures for Christmas but it turned out to be more of a scrapbooking project and it’s not really her kind of scrapbooking.  There are so many great ideas though that she is interested in doing or incorporating into her kind of scrapbooking.  I will post pictures of the pages once she starts doing some. 

Today we went to get Mommy’s H1N1 shot for her, so far so good, just a sore arm.  She is now 17 weeks along in her pregnancy so she decided it was time to go.  The line wasn’t too bad.  We went and got a bracelet and then went shopping for a bit.  She dropped Daddy and I off at home and went back and then she got to pass a hundred or so people in line thanks to the bracelet.  She is starting to show a little so I will start to post some pics in the next week or so.  Mommy has been showing me some drawings of women with babies in their belly from her pregnancy book.  I point to the baby and say bebe but I’m not getting that she has one in her belly.  Last night I pointed to my own belly and said bebe lol! 

I know for many of you this is Thanksgiving weekend, so I hope you all have a great thanksgiving dinner and enjoy the company of your loved ones.  We already had our thanksgiving in October.


Bridgette said...

Taylor you are so cute! I can't wait to see pregnancy pictures. They are always so sweet!

Shannon said...

I think it's great that pregnant women are a priority withe H1N1 vaccine. I'm glad you got your shot!

Suki said...

Her eyes are stunning! I am in love with her eyes :)

Jeremi said...

We used the podee bottles too -- LOVED them!!

Looking forward to the pregnancy pics : )