Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My New Wheels

DSC06998-2Mommy & Daddy bought me a new stroller.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw it had a spot for Lora my dolly.  They said something about a brother or sister but I have no idea what that is but I know for sure that Lora fits in there nicely LOL!! 

It is a the Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller.  My Quinny stroller is a jogger with big wheels and a metal frame, a lot like this one and we loved it so this one was perfect for what Mommy was looking for.  It even has a cup holder, something that the Quinny didn’t have.  The bar in front of Lora is the universal adapter bar so that Mommy can attach the car seat that we already have. 

As you can see in the picture I have to now do my fish face a new way.  Mommy taught me this new way.  I’m not sure why but I have lost my ability to make the fish face without using my fingers.  Mommy thinks it might have something to do with my new molars, we’re not sure. 


Unknown said...

wow that is some hot new wheels! Love it! And I am sure you and Lora will have so much fun!!!

Catherine Anne said...

Love this!

Jeremi said...

I have a double jogger that I still LOVE -- so cute with Taylor and the little doll : ) Molars, so sorry!!

Suki said...

You are one happy girl for having a spot for Lora now too :)
Taylor is so cute doing her fish face