Monday, June 7, 2010

A Fun Time

Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy had a party at their house on Saturday.  There was a live band and lots of yummy food.  My favorite was the Hello Kitty cookies that Mommy failed to get a picture of before I gobbled half of it away.  Maybe Aunt Amy will have some left over?  I had a blast running around their yard and playing with the kids that were there.  I really wasn’t on my best behavior and was being a tad bit bold so we ended up leaving early.  It was still past my bedtime by the time we got home and I was too excited/cranky so I staying up partying in my bedroom until after 10:00!  When I got up the next morning I was in rare form and Daddy told Mommy to have fun with me LOL!!  Daddy said “I can see you are going to have a great day” in a sarcastic voice… well, I proved him wrong.  I was a really good girl and I also did wonderfully with my potty training too, so ha! to you Daddy.  Mommy couldn’t be more pleased that I proved him wrong either.

DSC03248-2DSC03259-2 Here is a picture of cookie.  He is 1 of 3 new kitties that uncle Dave and aunt Amy adopted.  The other 2 are named muffin and timbit lol.  Cookie didn’t care for me too much because I make quick, erratic movements but the other 2 just ignored me.  SONY DSC

SONY DSC SONY DSC I hope everyone else had a good weekend too!  I will catch up with everyone tonight.


4chalseys@blogger said...

Gorgeous photos. Love the sunlight coming through your hair in the second to last one. And your brother is a doll!

Shannon said...

I love it when daddies are proven wrong by angels like you, too, Taylor! And.. wow! What a BEAUTIFUL kitty!

Suki said...

Wonderful pictures of your kids and the party :)

Mamí♥Picture said...

How FUN!!!!
Loved all the fun shots!!

Natalie said...

Looks like fun! Glad you proved Daddy wrong~ That calls for a nanna nanna boo boo! Ha! BTW don't think I didn't notice you skipped Monday with Mason! Glad you snuck in a cute photo with Nanna!