Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SOOC Sunsets and Earthquakes

Today while I was napping we had an earthquake!!!  It registered 5.5 on the scale and it was one of Ontario’s biggest ever recorded.  I never even batted an eyelash, I slept through it,  Mason on the other hand didn’t.  Mommy was rocking him in his nursery and she heard the noise before she felt the shaking.   The noise sounded like wind to her and then all of the sudden the rocking chair became a bouncy chair LOL!  Mommy jumped up away from the window because she thought it might be a mini tornado or twister.  Daddy was downstairs and said “What the …” and then ran out the front door to see if one of the big excavators was driving beside or into our house hahahaha!!  We have an access road beside our house and they do work on it sometimes so it’s not that strange of a conclusion I guess.  When he saw there was nothing there he came back in and asked Mommy if that was an earthquake.  They thought it must have been.  It wasn’t the first one Mommy had felt but it was definitely the strongest.  Anyways, Mason opened one eye while it was happening and was more disturbed by the fact that Mommy put him in his crib before he was completely asleep than by the earthquake, getting bounced about is a routine part of his day.

Mommy didn’t edit any of these pictures of the sunsets but she does have a bad habit of forgetting her camera settings and under exposing her sunsets LOL! 



Shannon said...

the exposure looks GREAT to me... I also like to underexpose them a bit! :) makes them more dramatic! Maybe its a good thing you slept through that earthquake... I remember feeling one when I was a little girl and I remember being just a tad bit scared! P.S. Your little brother sure is cute, love that last picture of him w/ the potato head in the background!

Natalie said...

I did feel it. Felt like a train shaking the house.

Cathy said...

Happy accidents are great when it comes to photos. Beautiful sunsets.

I'm glad everything was alright with the earthquake. I've felt two in my life like that...sort of like being on an amusement ride.

Catherine said...

I love the photos. I think they are perfect just how they are. I would probably have a heart attack if I felt an earthquake. I'm glad everyone is okay!

Suki said...

Beautiful sunset pictures.
Glad the earthquake was not too bad.

P.S. Can you email me about the idea for the mini sessions? I don't know if I did get that right. My email adress is :
You would be such a help for doing so.

☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ said...

I have never been in an earthquake, I probably freak out!! I love your shots, they are beautiful!