Monday, October 11, 2010

Mondays With Mason


24 Weeks!!  Something significant has happened this week, you can put me to bed awake and I will go to sleep!  It has been a long time coming and probably would have happened sooner but Mommy really enjoyed our cuddles.  I am just getting too big so it really isn’t that comfortable to fall asleep on her anymore.   

I am getting so much better with other people too.  This weekend I only cried once when someone besides Mommy or Daddy held me and I chatted up a storm with Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy.  This growing up thing isn’t too bad after all!

Sometimes I will hold out my arms to you (okay, just to Mommy and Daddy so far) if you hold out your hands and ask me if I want up.  I am turning in circles on my belly if I am on the floor and if I am on the couch or carpet I try to get my knees up under me.  So far the hardwood floors have proved to be too slippery for me to get my knees up.  The jumperoo is getting more and more fun for me but I still prefer to sit and read books and play with my toys.  Last but not least, I can hold my own bottle.  Mommy had to pump on Saturday and later Daddy and Grandma reported that I held my own bottle!  Unfortunately she wasn’t there to get a picture though.


Jeremi said...

he is such a beautiful baby boy.
love seeing the similarities between him and taylor.

gorgeous pics too, as usual : )

Cathy said...

He's getting so big, it's unbelievable! You can totally see his sister's eyes in his.

I totally "get" the being glad he's bigger and gaining more independence. It's such a want them little, but life becomes a little easier. I can't wait till mine goes in his Ergo carrier and is easy to tote around...the wrap is just too much hassle.