Thursday, October 7, 2010

Saunders Farm

We went to Saunders Farm last Saturday with Aunt Shanny, Uncle Jay, Jaden & India.  I had so much fun running around all over the place like a mad woman.  I pitched a few fits but for the most part was a good girl.  Mason was even being social and didn’t cry when Aunt Shanny picked him up and held him.  He stared at her for a bit but then broke out into smiles and was content to let her hold him. 

There were so many fun structures to play on and we went on a hayride and pet some animals in a new section.  Jaden found a fuzzy caterpillar and I liked holding him.  We saw a llama and Mommy asked if it’s name was Dolly?  Aunt Shanny started laughing immediately because she grew up with Mommy and gets Mommy’s sense of humour LOL, however the llama’s name was Dexter.  My favorite thing at the farm was by far the big slide!!  I went down it twice with India and then I insisted on going down by my ”SELF”!  After about 10 more trips down the slide we stopped and had a snack.  On our way out we stopped for a few pictures with the pumpkins and a treat, (Thanks Aunt Shanny!) I picked out a small tray of chocolates and ate most of them on the way home.  Mommy is still frowning at Daddy about that LOL!!  Can’t wait to go back again next year!

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Natalie said...

Great pictures guys! Glad you had fun!! Hope we can make it there before the season ends, but I have a feeling Liam's hunting might cut into any chance we would have to go!

Unknown said...

I don't think the windows live writer thing will work with my mac :(

Do you change the size of your pictures with each post in the html? Or is it a fixed setting you have it on? They are so big, I always just hit extra large but it's still not big enough.

Unknown said...

Looks like a really fun slide! My girls would love it!

Suki said...

Masons hat is just to-die-for-cute!
Glad you had so mcuh fun!

Maria said...

I love those pics!!! They are so cute. Makes me just wanna squeeze them.