Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We Love Fall!

DSC01697-4 DSC01711-3

What’s not to love?  We only wish that we could get outside more often.  It always seems like something comes up but it does make us more appreciative when we actually get to go.  Mason and I had so much fun playing with leaves today.  I can’t wait to go back next week!  We have so many pictures so hopefully Mommy will be posting a few everyday for a bit.

Last night we went to the Mall to see Toopy & Binoo!  It was crazy how many people were there and made Daddy a little perturbed so he had to leave to shop while we watched the show, on the bright side we were just able to leave when it was over because he did Mommy’s errands for her.  Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures because Mommy forgot to charge her battery for the camera.  Mommy brought the camera because she knew she could still manage to get a few shots out of it.  Daddy wasn’t aware of that though and while Mommy was at The Children’s Place he turned it on and took some pictures of the empty stage and the battery died!!  When Mommy got back he told her the battery was dead… D-UH LOL! 


Rachel said...

We love fall too except it has gotten back into the mid 80's here lately:(. Not exactly fall temps in my book! Ha!

Sam said...

Great shot love the one of Taylor best the tree's are fantastic!

Pam said...

You are an AWESOME photographer!