Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bumbo Time!

These pictures were taken 5 days ago. I am really enjoying my Bumbo. Thank-you Aunt Amy and Uncle Dave for getting it for me. I love to sit up and watch what my Mommy is doing when she isn't carrying me around. Speaking of Uncle Dave & Aunt Amy, that reminds me that I had my first giggle at their house on Sunday the 16th. Mommy was kissing my belly and I just couldn't help myself and finally decided to laugh. I have been a bit stingy with the laughs since then but yesterday Mommy put me in front of the mirror and I was just so impressed with how cute I was I couldn't resist laughing and marvelling at myself!

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Michelle Cunningham said...

Very Cute! You take great pictures Taylor, Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. You sure are the cutest little girl ever.... keep your mom and dad busy, they don't like having spare time anyways!!