Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where Are All The Christmas Pictures?!

Mommy didn't take too many pictures of me at Christmas cause it is usually a busy time, but she promises to take more next year when I will be more interactive. Anyways, the first picture wasn't actually taken on Christmas, she left the tree up for a long, long time... too long if you ask me and Daddy! So I was already a month and 2 weeks old (yes it was still up in February! Aunt Amy even offered to take it down twice for her but she wouldn't bite, lol) The second picture was taken on Christmas Day I was only 13 days old and I looked angelic in my little Christmas dress, that's what Mommy told me anyways. Speaking of angelic... I am going to post "Taylor's Angel Moment of the Week" pictures as suggested by Mommy. So here is this weeks, I was playing with Daddy and Mommy leaned in to capture the moment, I remember the day well, it was on March 13, 2008 and I was being a good girl.

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