Monday, March 17, 2008

A Little Behind...

I know I am a little behind on my posts considering I am already 3 months old but I just learned how to type! Okay, so maybe Mommy is helping me but I am telling her what to type, lol! I wanted to start with some newborn pictures but all of those pictures are on Mommy's other computer and she can't upload them yet so I thought I would start with some pictures of me with Mommy and Daddy.

I am 3 weeks and 6 days old in this picture. I love to snuggle with my Daddy he is comfortable but his face is scratchy so it is nice to cuddle on his chest.

In this picture I am 5 weeks and 2 days old. This was the only way I would sleep for the first 2 months of my life during the day. If Mommy tried to put me in my playpen I would protest. It was much nicer to snuggle than to be alone in my playpen. Mommy told me she loved snuggling but the house was getting pretty messy and I needed to learn how to sleep more by myself. Eventually Mommy figured out that if she swaddled me tightly then I would sleep in my playpen and she could get some work done.

This picture was taken on New Year's Eve by Daddy. We all stayed home and watched the ball drop. I was very excited to get the New Year under way and looked forward to all the new things I would experience. We didn't stay up much past midnight though since we all knew I would be up again in a few hours anyways, lol!

This picture is of my Daddy and my crazy kitty! Mommy says the kitty is my big brother but we all know it is just the cat! He likes to sit on my Daddy's head and he sheds hair like a maniac! Mommy is always pulling cat hair off of my sticky fingers. She has threatened to shave him cause there is hair everywhere.

Well that's all for today cause I am getting sleepy and need to go to bed. I may sleep all night and then again I may not... Stay tuned for tomorrows post, you can see how big I am getting.

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