Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Backyard Adventure!

We had another BBQ so outside we went! I am really liking this outdoor thing. Last year I would cry and cry if you put me on the grass, this year I love it. I especially like playing in the dirt. Mommy & Daddy are going to get me a sand box soon. They also told me that they would get me a kiddy pool since Grandma & Grandpa sold their house... along with the pool. :(

Yesterday, after I posted, I pooped in the potty again! Guess what? I pooped in it again today! Daddy thinks I am super smart and I know what I am doing. Although Mommy thinks I am brilliant as well,she is still a little skeptical. She is not sure if I am doing it deliberatley or if she is just lucky and I am very regular LOL!!! I have been doing #2 in the potty after my afternoon nap for the last 3 days! Mommy gave me a sticker yesterday and today when I did it!! Those are fun. Since I have been doing so well with the potty Mommy decided to look into what she should actually be doing. So far she just asks me if I want to sit on the potty, I never say no LOL!!

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Natalie Porter said...

Look at you standing up big girl! Yay Taylor! Potty pro already? Who's the star? Can't wait to see you again. Gotta get rid of this nasty cough first you cute little girl. XO
Love the new pictures esspecially the one with Daddy -- priceless! Mommy is getting to be a camera pro!