Sunday, April 19, 2009

Show & Tell

The following are pictures of me with my loot from Uncle Dave & Aunt Amy but my post is not really about the loot. I just wanted to share with everyone how special they are to me! Uncle Dave & Aunt Amy have IF too. They have had a much harder struggle with it than Mommy & Daddy. They just went to Mexico for some rest, relaxation and clarity. However, while they were there trying to forget about thier troubles, they still thought of me and what I would like. I know it must be hard for them to buy me stuff when they wish they were buying stuff for their own baby too, but they never let it show and they always make an effort to see me and Mommy & Daddy every week. They are just kinda giving and selfless like that... they are the BEST and we all love them very much! Thank-you Uncle Dave & Aunt Amy!

If you want to see what the rest of the class is showing, head over to Stirrup Queens.

This is me from this morning... still very happy to have these!! So FUN!


Lori said...

I was in Aunt Amy's shoes once. I know that the love for a niece/nephew can really grow a heart.

Very cute, Taylor!

There's a new clue up about Name That Blogger!

WiseGuy said...

Oh totally cute!

And I so know what a nephew/niece can do! I have been trying longer and harder while my SIL gave birth to this really sweet baby girl about a year back...and they decided to celebrate her first birthday with us. She is so sweet! She is my hope...and she carries my love.

Love the gifts that Taylor has received.

And I love the whole chronoogical pictures of Taylor on your blog sidebar.

WiseGuy said...

...oops chronological!

Beautiful Mess said...

What great gifts and a very thoughtful aunt and uncle. They are very lucky to have such a beautiful, fun niece.

Erika said...

What a sweetie pie! We're the aunt and uncle in our story... having niece or nephew number 4 in november... we sure do love those kids!

Jennifer said...

Uncle Dave & Aunt Amy sound like incredible people! I love the pics - Taylor always has the greatest facial expressions. Thanks for sharing!