Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I love Thursday

It's time to share the love! Check out Diaper Diaries and see what everyone else loves!

I love The Children's Place and so does Mommy. I love it because Mommy buys me so many clothes and sunglasses! Mommy loves it cause they always have so many great sales. Last Boxing Day she had a hay day in there. I have about 20 outfits in size 24 months, she loves buying larger sizes when they are crazy cheap, and I love wearing them, lol!!


The Messy Mom said...

Oh yeah, Children's Place is great! Among other things my son's easter outfit was from there (last year's clearance). He looked so grown up in his little sweater vest.

Laura Lou said...

Oooo, I'll have to check out The Children's Place!! I hardly ever take all four to the mall--too much stimulation--but deals like these should not be missed. :D

Whitney said...

Right now on Amazon there are a ton of items from the Children's place for $1.99. I can't step foot into the actual B&M store, because I spend way too much!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kaycee said...

Taylor has great taste! All of those cute little girl clothes are making me baby hungry again.