Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days? Yesterday I was in a mood... a bad one! It seemed like since the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep nothing coud be done to snap me out of it. One second I would cry and the next I would be happy. I was clingy, grumpy, slappy, pouty, etc... Of course I wasn't like this the whole time but I did have my moments... frequently LOL!!

I did take time away from my tantums to accomplish a few things though. Yesterday I went poo on the potty and I was quite impressed with myself! I yelled at Mommy and got her attention so she came over and asked me if I was done. I shook my head yes and pointed down in the potty. When Mommy saw the #2 she was very excited for me and yelled "Yea Taylor!!"" a bunch of times and she lifted me off the potty and stood me up. I then gave myself a big clap and yelled ""EEEEEEEEEE". I also pee'd on the potty 3 more times and today I have pee'd on it two more times. In other news from yesterday I also stood up and started walking around! I was crawling in the kitchen and when I got to the great room I just decided to stand up and start walking to the patio door. I got half way there when I realized what I was doing and I hesitated and started to sit down when I saw Mommy and she cheered me on to keep going so I stood back up and took a step and then sat down LOL!! I decide not too much in one day.

Are you wondering what the heck is all over my face in the pictures? It's vaseline. I am getting so tall that I can just reach right up and grab stuff off of the counter now! Today I grabbed Mommy's wallet, hehehe!! Anyways, Mommy was in the bathroom and when she returned I was licking at the jar of vaseline hahahaha!! I had it all over the place. It was on my hands, feet, body, face, floor, and of course in my mouth! Fortunately it wasn't in my hair, that stuff can be a real hassle to get out of hair. Mommy looked on the internet to see if there was any reactions to eating vaseline and the only thing she found was an upset stomach and/or diarrea. I haven't had any of those problems so she figures I didn't really swallow that much... I'll never tell, hehehe.

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Natalie Porter said...

That is one BIG day for such a little girl! You are getting to be so grown up! Tell Mommy you were just trying to style your hair with the stuff and you missed your head a few times! LOL and Yay for poop and pee in the potty!