Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things I love Thursday

It's time again to tell everyone what you love. If you want to share what you love head on over to Diaper Diaries and join in.

This week I love Strawberries! I love it when Mommy lets me try to take a bite of a big one! Usually she cuts them up for me but when we got home from the grocery store the other day I was helping her (or not) unload the bags. I saw the strawberries and I opened them when she wasn't looking hehehe! When she turned around to see what I was up to I had a strawberrie in each hand and one half in my mouth. Unfortunately Mommy wasn't quick enough with the camera but we had a laugh over it.

In other news, I now have 2 molars! Also, I stood up by myself in themiddle of the room yesterday. Mommy got some pics so I will post them later. We had a great lunch with Tammy today, thanks so much Tammy!


Brooke said...

i don't buy fresh fruit often, but my mom got fresh strawberries at the store and gave me a few when she was at the house last night. doncha love spring and the arrival of new produce?

now where's that angel food cake?? it really is heavenly topped with strawberries.

Pink Monkey said...

Mmmm, all those strawberries look yummy.

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

I'm with you Taylor! Strawberries are my all time favorite food. In fact I am pretty sure my kids bleed strawberry b/c of all of them I consumed when I was expecting them. Just looking at your yummy post has me wanting a few!

Kaycee said...

Strawberries are my favorite part of summer. Taylor is a cutie!

thediaperdiaries said...

That picture is awesome. Those strawberries look amazing!!